A man cannot lead his life without questioning his life: what is courage, love, success, what is a good leader, what is a good person, mother or father…? Excellence is not an ability to get more profit, awards or positions, it is the ability to know oneself.

– inspired by Luc Brisson

About me

People and Personalities

For many years I have been working with companies representing various industries and I have managed several companies myself. For me, people play the most interesting and valuable part in business, while results, strategies and tactics come afterwards. I am always surprised by the important role a personality of a company owner and manager plays in choosing a strategy and developing organisational culture. An organisation is a reflection of its leader. One can tell the strength, fear and values of a manager’s personality by looking at an organisation: what he is striving for and what he is avoiding, what is hurting him and what pleases him, what he condemns and what he celebrates.

Development and Curiosity

At times I tend to ask myself, what drives me to seek ever new opportunities to gain new knowledge? Why is this so important? It is the feeling and will to find answers to all questions: what guides our conduct, where emotions come from, why it is difficult to stop thinking negative thoughts, how to inspire oneself and others, aspects that characterise a good leader, what being a good man means, and so on. It is important for me to seek answers not only on the outside – in books and training, but also within myself – in therapy and internal observation.

Acceptance and Trust

Trust and openness are extremely integral to my work. Most often it means mutually revealing one’s deepest fears, pains and weaknesses, accepting that no one is perfect. Even the most successful leaders have fears, and often they have moments of weakness. Only, they often have no one to pour their hearts out to. You can say – the higher you have climbed the leadership ladder, the lonelier you feel. If we can open up, accept our dark side and talk about it, we can become humane and create trust.


  • Agris Kvēders

    Agris Kvēders

    IT professional, Head of Innovations and Development Projects,
    Accenture branch in Latvia

    “Coaching is a key to oneself. The right solutions are those discovered by oneself, and coaching helps to notice them.
    In many chaotic, out-of-hand work situations coaching helped me find new leads to find a solution. In some cases solutions were even more creative, versatile, and richer than at first glimpse. I would like to thank the coaching and myself!”

  • Aiga Veckalne

    Aiga Veckalne

    Language Expert, Entrepreneur

    Katrīna is one of the most inspiring, charismatic, competent, emphatic and intelligent people I have ever met, and I highly appreciate our friendship. I admire her unremitting will to learn and her ability to be the best at everything she does. Katrīna’s coaching sessions are productive and inspiring, while her lectures – captivating and valuable.

  • Edgars Šacs

    Edgars Šacs

    Latvia State Radio and Television Centre (LVRTC),
    Head of the Security Department

    “Katrīna is very professional in leading individual coaching. I was very glad to revaluate my personal view of day-to-day situations, thus providing better opportunities to clients. Thank you, Katrīna, for the value you gave me during the sessions!”

  • Evita Kalmane-Pivkina

    Evita Kalmane-Pivkina

    Partnership Manager, Tieto Latvia

    “First of all, thank you for being there for us! You inspired and motivated, and supported me when I needed it the most.

    Thank you for my transformation last year which turned out to be highly challenging. I sought courage, self-motivation and great patience to overcome fear, achieve desirable and established goals. Aspects that are now self-evident seemed impossible at the beginning of the year.

    Thank you for what I have achieved, Katrīna! I am ready to willingly continue our successful collaboration in the future!”

  • Ieva Dadona

    Ieva Dadona

    Chief Financial Officer
    Circle K Business Centre

    Katrīna led coaching sessions to improve my personal efficiency. It was very pleasant to work with her: atmosphere full of trust, consistently structured meetings with valuable tasks at the end of meetings, good balance between support and challenges, unobtrusive style. Very professional and with high added value!

  • Līga Krūmiņa

    Līga Krūmiņa

    Head of the Technical Department, Tele2

    “Katrīna is a very professional coach who sees coaching as a solution to situations and leads you to the goal.”

  • Natālija Golubeva

    Natālija Golubeva

    Head of Department, Tieto Latvia

    “Coaching helped me understand what I want from my professional development and growth in the near future, it increased assurance over my abilities and experience, helped expand my business contact circle and reach mutually beneficial cooperation agreements with several business partners.”

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