Manager Power Groups

Manager power group combines managers representing companies of similar size from various industries.

Participants talk confidentially about complex work and personal situations, analyse and reflect on them, support each other and seek common ideas for solutions.

Participation in such groups ensures the possibility to understand one’s situation and behaviour from a new perspective, encouraged by reflections and feedback from other participants. When a participant presents their work situation where they have faced difficulties, other participants unconsciously attribute it to themselves: reflect on their potential feelings, thoughts, behaviours and solutions. Thus not only does the teller benefit, but also other participants. Meanwhile, the group manager helps to structure the process and observe group terms and conditions, for example, see to it that group participants do not teach or advise one another, instead – analyse themselves in similar situations. The group manager also plans and organises a group working structure to create an environment for personal revelations so that the common work is of value.

For whom?

Company owners and managers


A manager often finds themselves in a situation, where they cannot discuss their challenges, care, worries or fear with colleagues, employees or friends and family. In such situations a manager needs a companion who has been in a similar situation, faced similar challenges and who can help see the situation from a different point of view and generate ideas for a solution.

What are the benefits?
  • A possibility to share with managers who have gained similar experience and to hear their opinion about the respective situation to see it from a different angle
  • Reflection and analysis, knowing and re-valuating one’s experience that would not be possible in everyday situations.
  • New ideas, revelations, understanding, judgements and solutions.
  • Understanding of one’s position, action and emotional reaction, as well as better understanding of others.
  • Experience of trust and openness.
  • Manager’s personal development.
Power groups are not:
  • for giving advice
  • educational workshops
  • psychotherapy
  • recreation
  • spontaneous discussion

The Format of Manager Power Groups

  • Once a month for three hours. One study cycle includes 10 meetings. Afterwards a participant
    can decide whether to continue with the next study cycle.
  • Group capacity: up to nine participants. Group participants represent non-competing
  • Strict confidentiality. New participants are only enrolled after 100% acceptance from other participants.
  • To attain maximum efficiency of a group, 100% presence is required.
  • During the meeting process specific cases from managers’ experiences are analysed.
  • Each participant has a specific time guaranteed for a review of their situation.
  • Structured and professionally moderated process with specific steps and result.

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