Manager Training

I have been providing training for over 15 years and I specialise in management topics related to human resources management and development. I believe that the most efficient way to gain new skills is to put them into practice, experiment and try, thus learning from mistakes and striving for excellence. You cannot learn to swim by reading books, attending lectures and observing other swimmers. To gain this skill you have to step into a pool and swim countless hours to become successful. We gain other skills in a similar manner: among them delegating, developing others, inspiring, providing feedback, and leadership.

Manager is not solely the organiser of processes and work of employees anymore. Managers of an efficient company also think of developing their staff competencies, ability of their team to cooperate, communicate openly, provide direct and constructive feedback, efficiently solve conflicts and create a strong team vision to motivate the team and bring it towards the goal. Nowadays studies not only include workshops: the study process is based on the team and manager evaluation result, combining it with individual or team coaching, as well as the supervision process, and applying the skills learnt in day-to-day processes.

Training Topics:

  • Feedback as a management tool
  • A leader in development discussions
  • Situational leadership
  • Emotions at the workplace
  • Management of conflict
  • Effective meetings
  • Authentic leadership
  • Manager and motivation of employees
  • Coaching as management tool

Learn about co-operation

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