Psychotherapy compared to coaching helps process traumatic historical experience, which sometimes stands in the way of fully-fledged life in the present.

When working in the coaching sphere, I discovered that sometimes it is impossible to achieve the necessary changes with coaching: sometimes we need deeper and longer help which encompasses the whole persona, not only their career.

During our lifetime we experience various periods of crises. Sometimes we may only notice them when we cannot handle our work and everyday activities anymore. In such cases we have two options: to manage ourselves or seek help and overcome difficulties more efficiently.

I am a practitioner of cognitive behavioural therapy. This approach explains the connection between a client’s thoughts and convictions with emotions, body reactions and behaviour. A practitioner helps a client discover adverse thinking habits – negative opinion of oneself, others and the world to change the behaviour towards a positive manner.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is the most studied type of therapy in the world and one of the most efficient non-medical approaches in preventing mental health problems and reducing disturbing symptoms.

Cognitive behavioural psychotherapy is suitable if a person has:

  • anxiety, fear, panic attacks
  • diagnosed vegetative dystonia
  • various phobias
  • depression
  • eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)
  • sleep disorders
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders – obtrusive thoughts and actions
  • extreme shyness, low self-esteem, insecurity
  • addiction issues
  • difficulty controlling emotions

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